This page is about me :)

My name is Munir Sultan. I am a sophomore in Computer Engineering. I chose computer engineering because it covers all three bases computer architecture, computer science, and electronics. I have always been interested about computers and electronics. When I was a child, I used to break toys apart and try to figure out what made them tick. I was never happy with a toy until I understood how it functioned.

I have multiple hobbies, some of which include electronics, programming, and cycling, but the one that I enjoy the most is power-lifting. I just recently picked up power-lifting as a hobby, but I’m liking the effects of it on my body and personality. I like power-lifting because it creates a sense of goal in my mind. It helps me realize it’s possible to accomplish the goal by showing tangible evidence. It seems like every day I get closer and closer to hitting a new personal record.

This an image of icon American Dream!!

  1. Go to PapaJohns
  2. select the crust
  3. select the sauce
  4. select the toppings
  5. place the order
Course Name Expected Grade
ECE 109 B+
MA242 B-
PY208 B
This is a immage of a guy powerlifting