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Welcome to my e115 webpage:

Hi, my name is Michael Tursam. I'm a freshman at ncsu. I intend to study computer science. I've been tinkering with computers since I was little and I enjoy the logic that goes into programming them.

For my senior year in high school I worked in the IT department at wake technical community college. My job was to answer phone calls and help fix any issues encountered by students and staff at the college. This job was a great experience for me because I got to see what working in IT is like, and it has certainly helped shape my career plans for the future

A Picture of Michael

The Most Interesting Classes I've Taken:

  1. Intro to Psychology
  2. CSC 216
  3. PY 205
  4. Calculus 1

Name of Club Link
Intervarsity https://statemeredithiv.com/
Wolfpack Motorsports http://www.wolfpackmotorsports.com/