My name is Michael Baba. I am a Freshman and my major is Mechanical Engineering because I love to build things. It is so much fun to build things and fix things, I love it.

My favorite animal is a gorilla. I love gorilla's because they are super cute and love to cuddle. I would love to have a gorilla as a pet and take it on long walks in the park. I'd name my gorilla Derek because it is a beautiful name, and my gorilla will be a majestic beast.

  1. Find out the phone number of the closes pizza shop
  2. Grab a phone
  3. Type in the previously discovered phone number into the phone. P.S. DON'T forget to press send on the phone, this will connect your call
  4. A voice in the phone will ask you questions, it is important to answer these question, but do not ask your own questions, that is not what you've come for. This is the person who you should also tell the type of pizza that you want
  5. The pizza should now be on its way, so just sit back and relax

  6. Classes Grades
    HS 201 A
    MUS 180 A
    ENG 101 B
    The names Silver, Dererk Silver