Welcome to my Page!

My name is Meredith Bain, and I am a freshman in NC State's College of Engineering. I am currently deciding on a major; I am interested in both Industrial and Mechanical Engineering as well as Computer Science. Industrial interests me because it puts more emphasis on the big picture concepts of manufacturing, but mechanical interests me because of its in-depth approach to designing and building machines. Computer science is cool because its applications are so versatile and the field is constantly changing.

My favorite hobby is hanging out with my cats. I have three; their names are Lexie, Dakota, and Tate. I've missed them ever since I came to NC State, but we still Skype all the time.

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Meredith's Resume
  1. determine toppings
  2. call Pizza Hut
  3. relay your order
  4. give them your address
  5. remember to tip!
Class Expected Grade
E115 700
MA241 90
CH101 95
picture of cat