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Hey, welcome to my website. My name is Micah Gafford and I am a first year Engineering student at NC State hoping to major in Computer Science. I chose computer science because I love the fact that it allows me to learn how to interact and control technology in a deeper way than I ever imagined. Learning different languages is something that I thoroughly enjoy and hope to be able to utilize and learn in my future. However, at the same time, I enjoy having the opportunity to work on my logic and problem solving skills. This is something that is utilized heavily with the computer science major. This opportunity is another reason I chose computer science as a major.

Currently, I do not have a job; however, I has held a couple a brief jobs involving helping out at track meets and working at concession stands. These jobs were very basic in nature and served to teach me the responsibility that comes with working in a job environment. My dream job on the other hand is to work in a computing environment in which I am able to work in a team with other people with the goal of creating new software and help push our society further in understanding and developing new technology. At the moment, that job is working as a software engineer, and until I reach that goal or form another I will push forward and strive to accomplish that goal.

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Most interesting classes I have or want to take

  1. Intro to Java
  2. Time Travel
  3. C and Software Tools
  4. Racquetball
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