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The dream of flight is perhaps the sole reason for my existence; my dorm room is covered not just in the typical college pictures of females and the latest playmate of the month, but also in various aviation photographs. On one wall is adorned a pair of Blue Angels F/A-18 Hornet's with a nice picture of a T-38 Talon pilot, mirrored visor down reflecting the sunlight. And then there is the McDonell-Douglas MD-500, my favorite helicopter. Flying is not just my life, it is in my blood. But for quite some time, I was firmly nailed to the ground. Until recently, I had neither the drive nor ability to committ myself to learning how to fly. However, time waits for no one, and I found myself coming of age. Slowly, as I realized the new capabilites that I possesed, born of years of life and young expereince, I came to a great aphiffany: I now had the mental and physical capabilites to learn to fly.

My first experence was when I met an old family friend, Rick. Left by his mother at a young age, and then to have to watch his father die a few years later, he had no one to turn to. For several years my parents would invite him on trips, and he even spent Christmas with my family several times. The only presents he received were from my parents. Rick had earned his wings (and a degree from NC State in Mechanical Engineering) and purchased his own aircraft, a Piper Archer II. He started me out by taking me flying with him on several trips. He gave me his study materials from when he was training for his Pilot's License, and shared not only his plane and materials, but also his knowledge of aviation. It wasn't just simple flying trips, but thorough lessons from takeoff to landing. Rick literally "got me off the ground" on my journey to being a pilot

However, my time for college came, and now I am here at NC State university. And now, my flight training will really take off at one of the greatest flight schools in North Carolina, Franklin County Airport

Franklin County Airport

Franklin County Aiport is where I chose to do my flight training at while I'm here at NC State. It is a neat little place without all the Air Traffic Control and airspace restrictions of RDU. One of the interesting aspects of the airport is their "security officer" They have a dog that hangs around the airport, all in the flight building and on the tarmac.... well, he's been hit by the planes a couple of times. His name is Speedbump Here is a picture of speedbump

Franklin County also offers an online scheduling program to help with arranging for instructors and aircraft.

This is the cockpit of a Cessna 172

I'll update more as I progress in my flight training, but for the time being, check out some of my other pictures from White Lake, NC State, and some other places I've been.

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