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To whom it may concern, my name is Michael Brown, but if you are reading this you should already know that. I am a freshman, so I don't exactly have everything figured out yet. My major is Electrical Engineering (V = IR is obviously the hardest equation I will ever need to know). I chose this major because I really enjoy electrical engineering. I took an electrical engineering class in high school that was kinda basic; my final project was building a calculator and a powered crossover circuit. I also took a circuit class that went through tri-phase AC power dissipation (so V = IR wasn't really the hardest equation I needed to know).

My favorite hobby is playing piano, although rock climbing is a close second. I have played piano since I was 4, when my mom began teaching me just as my sisters had. I read music very well, but playing by ear isn't nearly as easy for me. Right now, I am working on a Scarlatti toccata and Chopin's Fantasie-Impromptu. My favorite composer of all time is probably Rachmaninoff because his songs always have huge chords.

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Do you wanna make an my favorite pizza? Yes? Then listen here kids:

  1. Pick up the phone and dial Pizza Hut
  2. Not put down the phone because the best pizzas are homemade. Digiorno? More like DigiorDON'T
  3. Get the grill preheating. That's right, the grill because the best pizzas are grilled not baked.
  4. Assume you have already made pizza dough. Now spread it into a pizza shape. Or not. I don't care. Just make a shape with the dough. Put the shape on the grill until it is almost done.
  5. Spread pizza sauce on the shape you just made
  6. Now put exactly 3 amount of cheese on top of it
  7. Now put pineapple on the pizza
  8. Now take the pineapple off. Who puts pineapple on pizza? UNC-CH kids that's who
  9. Now put bacon on top. 3 pigs worth of bacon
  10. Now put avocado on the pizza, as well as bell peppers
  11. Grill until cheese is melted and delicious
  12. Eat all of it. If you get full, put stretchier pants on and finish it

These are my awesome classes!

Class Expected Grade
Physics A
Calculus III A+
ENG 101 A+
E101 A+

This picture is related to my hobby, and also accurately describes college students' lives!
Broken Piano dot gif