Homework 6

I am Mario Castaneda, and I am a majoring in biomedical engineering and minoring in tissue engineering. I was originally majoring in mechanical engineering at the University of North Carolina in Charlotte, but I realized that I would benefit more from majoring in BME because of my interest in prosthetics. BME and MAE share many courses like solid mechanics and thermodynamics, so all my courses transfered over as part of my major. I just got a research lab assistant postion, and I am in the process of securing an internship over the summer working at a physician's office. I do not know where I will end up, but hopefully I will be content.

On my free time I like to work out either alone or with a few friends. I got into working out during one summer during my highschool days, because I was bored, and my friend's brother built a gym behind his house that year. We would work out Mon-Friday when we did not have lacrosse practice. I still work out today but not as extensively as in those early days. Apart from working out I am a fan of anime like, the ever more famous, Attack on Titans, Death Note, and etc. Since I got into college, I have not had the same amount of free time as I used to have.

A god
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Courses Expected Grade
CH 221 A
CH 222 A+
BME 204 A
BME 252 A+
ARE 201 A
PHI 300 A
E115 S