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I am Mario Battigelli, a freshman in Mechanical Engineering. I chose engineering because I've always been interested in how things work and curious about technology in general. I feel obligated to speak on Legos which I used to play with often. Legos are part of the reason I am interested in design and technology in general. If you are still reading to this point I applaud you; thank you for reading my story.

My favority hobby is playing guitar. I enjoy listening to rock music which led me to learn how to play it as well. Playing guitar with other people is much more entertaining than reading this paragraph. I like to play loudly so everyone nearby can know how bad I am at guitar. Electric guitars are cooler than acoustic guitars.

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this page is lame

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Pizza instructions if you can't remember:

  1. Get like dough or something
  2. Put... sauce I think
  3. Pepperonis or however you spell that
  4. Cook it and eat it
Class Expected grade
Physics 205 A-
Calculus III B
Chemistry 101 A+

Cool guitar check it out
guitar? where are you?