My name is Matthew Brown. I am a Freshman in Electrical Engineering. I chose this because I am interested in signal processing. I need one more sentence for this paragraph. Now I am done with paragraph one.

One of my favorite breaks was actually just a three day weekend. Some friends and I rented kayaks from U-REC and paddled down the Neause River. In all we paddled 12 miles. We camped on an island after a full day of paddling. It was very fun.

I have no strong feelings about March Maddness. In general I really don't like watching sports. I feel that it is much more fun to actually play them than watch them. I used to play basket ball in middle school. I had fun playing.

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  1. Go to chargrill
  2. Fill out an order slip for a chargrilled burger with bacon and catsup
  3. Remember order number
  4. Wait for number to be called
  5. Go to window to pay for and receive your delicious sandwich

My Classes

Class Grade
E 115 S
ECE 109 A
ENG 101 B