Welcome to My Webpage!

My name is Matthew Davenport, and I am currently in the exploratory studies program. I am interested aerospace and civil engineering. I am also interested in marine biology. I have done the most research in aerospace engineering because it is what I am most inerested in. However, since coming to N.C.State, I have developed interests in civil engineering.

My favorite hobby is playing music. I have taught myself how to play guitar and piano. I have a guitar in my dorm room currently and I enjoy playing it reguarly. I sometimes go to the price music center and play the pianos in the practice rooms. I spend a lot of my time creating music as well as learning new songs.


Matthew's Resume
  1. make dough
  2. spread the sauce
  3. spread cheese on top of the sauce
  4. put pizza in oven

Class Expected Grade
E115 Pass
USC 102 A
PY 205 A