Welcome to my second attempt at creating a website!!!!

My name is Matthew Filer. I am freshman at NCSU intending to study nuclear engineering.
I have always been interested in the study of nuclear energy, even doing research on Oppenheimer,
the father of the atomic bomb. Another thing I am interested in is applied mathematics, and
nuclear engineering allows me to take higher level math class, even allowing me an easier way
to minor in math.

My favorite hobby is playing hockey. I have been playing since I was 6 years old.
Currently, I play for N.C. State's adult team in a rec league around Raleigh. In addition
to playing, I am also a coach and an official as well. I currently coach 13 and 14 year olds.

National Hockey League

My Favorite Paper.

  1. Take the dough
  2. Twirl the dough around your finger
  3. Gently press on the dough and make sure that its not too thin or thick
  4. Then you get the cheese out of the refridgerator
  5. Then you wait for 30 minutes
  6. Then you strain the cheese
  7. Then you take the squeeze the olives over the pizza
  8. Then you put the cheese, and more olive
  9. Then add plenty of pepperoni and canadian bacon
  10. Then put in a stone oven in Italy
  11. Finally you take the Pizza and eat it all
Class Grade
Calculus III A+
Economics A+
Chemistry B+
Hockey Team