Welcome to NC State

Hello, My name is Madeleine Harris. I am currently a freshman at North Carolina State University. I was an intended Bio-Medical Engineering major but as I have spent more time at State, I have realized that I no longer wish to pursue that particular degree. After attending departmental workshops for my E101 class I have determined that I am more interested in Industrial and Mechanical Engineering. I am leaning more towards Mechanical Engineering right now, but I am not completely sure at the moment but I am sure I will find the right major for me.

My favorite hobby is dance. I have take dance since I was three years old and have invested a large amount of time into it. I have taken many different styles of dance, last year I took a total of nine classes at my dance studio including tap, jazz, ballet, pointe, sacred, two modern classes, hip-hop and a solo class. I am currently taking dance here at State, I am in Modern 2 as I completed Modern 1 the week before fall break. There is talk about a dance minor becoming a possibility at State and I hope that it becomes a possibility as I would like to pursue it.

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  1. Bread
  2. Bacon
  3. Lettuce
  4. Tomato
  5. Bread
Class Predicted Grade
E101 A
E115 S
Introduction to Philosophy A
Chemistry 101 B
Math 111 A
Modern 1 A
Modern 2 A
Chemistry Lab 102 A