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My name is Mark Heidenfeldt. I am a somphmore. I am currently in the first year college with an undecided major. The major I would like to pursue is either machanical or electrical engineering. Whichever major I end up attempting to CODA into I will choose that major because I would like to find a career where I can think and work with my hands. I also want whatever major I get accepted into to allow me to work with my hands and not spend a majority of my day doing computer work. My backup major outside of engineering is technology, engineering and design education in the college of education.

One of my favorite hobbies is to run and participate in the sports of track and cross country. I first started running in middle school at the suggestion of my sister and continued to run through high school and found how much I enjoyed the sport. I now run for the club track and cross country team here at NC State and really enjoy the friends I made through running. My favorite events to run are the 5k, the 400m and the 800m. The best time I have run for each is a 17:50 for a 5k, a 57 for a 400 and a 2:08 for my 800. After I began running on the club team at NC State I began to enjoy running more because practices are not mandatory and I can go back to enjoying the sport instead of being forced to go to practice.

ESPN Resume
  1. Get in the car and drive to Firehouse
  2. Order a meatball sub
  3. Pay for the sandwich
  4. Enjoy your sub
Class Grade
E115 S
ES100 B
CH101 A
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