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My name is Michael Larkins, a freshman pursuing both a BS in Paper Science and Engineering and a BS in Chemical Engineering. This program appeals to me because is offers both a practical degree and a theoretical degree, which gives me a unique mix of skills for a career. Additionally, I am in a program that offers a scholarship for this dual degree, and I get access to a community both tight-knit and geared towards job placement. However, I am also looking at a BS in Nuclear Engineering. Nuclear energy has always interested me and I know there are many opportunities to pursue it at NCSU.

"My favorite hobby" is a bit of a misnomer, as I have many hobbies, including swimming, reading, and Xbox. However, one of my most enjoyable hobbies stands as playing the guitar. I have played the guitar since I began high school, and other than the beginners lesson I took at a community college, everything I know is all self-taught. Resources like Youtube and online TAB websites are extremely useful, and are great for beginners and people looking to play specific songs. Most of what I play is a mix of rock, classical, and blues, with there being significant overlap in my playing. I find it fun to play by ear and experiment with new styles and riffs I hear about or find on my own.

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How to Make a Bologna Sandwhich

  1. Prepare a clean area to assemble your sandwhich.
  2. Gather together two pieces of bread, a slice of bologna, a piece of cheese, and your choice of condiments (mustard is pretty good :)).
  3. Place on piece of bread on your preparation surface, followed by the piece of bologna, and then the piece of cheese.
  4. If you have any condiments, now is the time to put them in the sandwhich too!
  5. Put the second piece of bread on top of everything, and admire your handy work. Make sure you let your wife/girlfriend know that you actually did something right for once.
  6. You can either eat your sandwhich and realize that you can never have just one, or you can never eat your work of art, and instead admire it from a distance
    and wait for it to decay into mold and dissatisfaction. The choice is yours!

-My Classes-

Class Expected Grade
E 115 S (Hopefully)
E 101 A
CH 101 A

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