Welcome to My Time at NC State!!

My name is Megan Laurer. I am a first year and I plan on majoring in Biomedical Engineering. I chose this major because I want to create prosthetics for people who need them. I want to mix the medical field with Biomedical Engineering. My goal in life is to help people that are in need.

My dream job would be working for a company that works in designing prosthetics or helping make the prosthetics more affordable. The job would allow me to express my creativity and work with unique people from all backgrounds. In this dream job I would like to travel for business and put my minor in Spanish to good use. The job would be fulltime but also give me time to spend with my family and friends and decent benefits.

A picture of me
  1. Latin America to 1826
  2. Target Archery
  3. Swim Conditioning
  4. Christianity
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