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Welcome to my website! My name is Manolito Mantecon, but I prefer Lito to shorten it. I currently attend NC State, and I plan to major in mechanical engineering. I chose engineering because I have always had fascinations in the fields of science and mathematics, so i wanted to combine the two so that I could make a difference in the world. While researching the different types of engineering, mechanical stood out as my favorite because it applies a little bit of everything in order to improve, design, and manufacture mechanical systems. This field in particular struck my attention and I knew it was something that I would want to pursue for a future career.

As a mechanical engineering major, I want to have a job where I can apply my interests and knowledge every day. As of right now, I would love to work for a car manufacturing company such as BMW or Audi. These companies and others similar to them would force me to apply physics and other subjects and skills to specific projects in order to improve the mechanical machines in their vehicles. Therefore, companies like these are ones that I would love to work for.

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My favorite classes that I take at NC State

  1. MA 141
  2. E 115
  3. ENG 101
  4. USP 110
Name Website
ASME https://sites.google.com/site/asmeatncstate/new-member
Club Soccer at NC State http://ncsusoccer.com/