Makayla C. Moore


My Plans

At this point in time, I am a freshman at NC State University. I plan to pursue a double major in chemical engineering and paper science engineering. I may also pursue a minor in Spanish, but I haven't fully decided on that yet. Provided I do not do any co-ops, I should graduate in December of 2020.

But Why?

In middle school, I decided I wanted to be an engineer so I could help make the world a better place. That still left me with a choice in what kind of engineer I wanted to be, so I was undecided about that aspect until I was a sophomore in high school. That's when I took chemistry and thoroughly enjoyed it, so when I applied to college it was just for chemical engineering. Shortly after being accepted to NC State, I received a letter from the College of Natural Resources talking about the benefits of double majoring in paper science engineering and chemical engineering, like how it only adds one semester to the chemical engineering degree program, the generous scholarship endowments, and the 100 percent job placement after graduation. It seemed like a good choice to make for my future, so that's how I ended up with a plan to get two degrees.

Skills I Possess

A Few Important Classes I'll Take

Class Course Title Semester
PSE 201 Pulp & Paper Technology Spring 2017
CHE 205 Chemical Process Principles Fall 2017
MAE 301 Engineering Thermodynamics Fall 2018
PSE 332 Wood & Pulping Chemistry Spring 2019
CHE 446 Design & Analysis of Chemical Reactions Fall 2020