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Hello! My name is Madison Underwood, and I am a first-year Biomedical Engineering-intent student here at North Carolina State University. Although since middle school I knew I wanted to be an engineer, it was not until my junior year of high school when my AP Chemsistry teacher and mentor introduced me to the discipline of Biomedical Engineering. His daughter was a Biomedical Engineer and graciously allowed me to shadow her. In the discipline, she worked at the prestigous Rothman Institute, developing the mechanics of prosthetics. After that day, I then knew exactly what I wanted to do - make prosthetics and improve the quality of life for so many!

As I have previously stated, my "dream" job would be to work in developing prosthetics. Currently, a significant "challenge" that many Biomedical Engineers are currently working with is developing a "nerve-ending" prosthetic in which the person wearing the prosthetic would be able to have complete feeling in the body part that is being attached, which I believe to be pretty amazing. Over the course of the years, I have had a few different jobs, spanning from ice cream shop clerk to full-time nanny, but I would have to state that the most rewarding job I have had is dance teacher. As dance tuition is no small expense, the director of my dance studio graciously allowed me to teach the younger girls, and in return, would pay for some of my classes. Although it required much time, in preparing lessons and actually teaching three times a week on top of my own demanding schedule, it was all so worth it seeing their shining smiles on stage come recital.

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