This is my life story.

My name is Marie Catherine Wachter and I am a freshman majoring in sunscreen history. I chose this major because I'm the most pasty person ever known to man kind. I wanted to how pale people such as myself have addressed the problems posed by UVA and UVB rays since the beginning of time. Sunscreen has evolved from being nonexistent to a lotion to a spray. Personally, I prefer the spray.

My favorite hobby is collecting tape measures. I have seventeen different Stanley tape measures. The oldest tape measure I own is 700 years old. I have dinosaur shaped tape measures and fish shaped tape measures. My favorite tape measure is my Versace tape measure that is diamond encrusted.

My Favorite Tape Measure
My Fav Site
My Second Favorite Site
    Step 1: Get two pieces of bread
    Step 2: Spread peanut butter on the bread
    Step 3: Spread jelly on the bread
    Step 4: Put the two pieces of bread together
    Step 5: Cut diagonally in half

Class Grade
Calc 3 87
History 90
Philosophy 93