Clever welcoming message here

My name is Matt Walters, and I want to major in Computer Science. I want to major in CompSci primarily because I have always been interested in computers. Also, the money is a nice incentive. I'm more interested in the coding classes than the heavy physics classes that some of the other engineering classes have to take too. All things considered, either CompSci or computer Engineering would be the best major for me.

My favorite hobby is watching my E115 grader sleep. The way you snore makes me so happy. I always try to sync my breathing pattern with the grader, but I can never do it. I don't have the right lung capacity to match you. Have you considered getting a sleep apnea machine?

He Man
  1. Realize you can't make pizza
  2. Acquire phone
  3. Call nearest pizza place
  4. Acquire pizza
  5. Eat pizza
  6. Regret eating pizza alone in the dark while watching E115 grader

Class Grade
E115 Satisfactory
MA141 A
CH101 C+