The Name's Averette... Mitchell Averette...

Mitchell Averette

What I want to be when I grow up!

My intended major is Civil Engineering. I am at North Carolina State University. My anticipated graduation is spring 2020.

Why I want to be a Civil Engineer!

I choose Civil Engineering because my grandfather started a Civil Engineering Company in the 70s that my father is now the current CEO of, and I plan to follow in both my grandfather's and father's footsteps by going to NCSU getting a degree in Civil Engineering and one day owning the business that my grandfather started almost 50 years ago.

Special Skills/ Qualities

Class Course Title Semester
CE 301 Civil Engineering Surveying Fall and Spring
CE 305 Traffic Engineering Fall and Spring
CE 313 Mechanics of Solids Fall and Spring
CE 325 Structural Analysis I Fall and Spring
CE 327 Reinforced Concrete Design Fall and Spring