My intended major is electrical engineering/ computer engineering dual degree. I want to go into the electrical engineering program because I want to work with and design more efficient electronics. I enjoy working with computer hardware and other computer components, so I am also planning on double majoring in computer engineering. I also have had a lot of trouble with electronics, which further encourages me to go into electrical engineering. My Dad is an electrical engineer, which has also encouraged me to become an electrical engineer.

My favorite hobby is video gaming. I enjoy gaming because I am able to work with others to accomplish a common goal. I also feel rewarded when I am able to accomplish a task in a game. I enjoy the varied environments that a game can encompass and the dynamic landscape that can be implemented into a game. Games are also a good way to reduce stress. They are also becoming a good tournament setting and are becoming a reliable way to compete against others.

YouTube "North Carolina State University"
  1. First I would obtain a plate, bread, ham and cheese.
  2. I would arrange the sandwich with ham and cheese between bread and put that onto the plate.
  3. I would then put the sandwich on the plate in the microwave for 30 seconds.
  4. I would then remove the sandwich and eat the sandwich.
Class Grade
MA 242 A-
EC 201 A
CH 101 B
Video Game Photo