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My name is Dylan Duquette and I plan to graduate in 2017. My major is Meteorology with a concentration in oceanography. I think the reason I became interested in this field is that I love snow and hurricanes. I always found it fascinating that you could predict how much of something we could possibly get or which track the storm took. I hope to add to the research of meteorology and make forecasting the weather more precise. I also like the beach which lead me to do a concentration in oceanography, plus, it may make getting a job easier.

Other than meteorology, one of my hobbies would be traveling, if you can call that a hobby. I love to go places and see all the sites. I have been out west to the L.A. area in California, Las Vegas, N.V., the Grand Canyon and from Virginia to Florida. I have also been to the Virgin Islands and some islands in the Caribbean including Cozumel, Mexico. My next destinations will be the Northeast and I would love to backpack around Europe.

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This is one of my favorite papers that I have written in college about The Lost Colony. link

  1. Get two slices of bread of your choice.
  2. Find the peanut butter and jelly jar.
  3. Take out a knife and spread one slice of bread with peanut butter. Then spread the other slice with jelly.
  4. Last, put the two slices together and enjoy!

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