I hope My Homework Looks Good

My name is Michael Gibson and I am a freshman at NC state. I am currently interested in either of two majors. The first is Electrical Engineering, which I have had quite a bit of experience in. The second is Chemical Engineering, which I am interested in because I very much enjoyed chemistry. I hope to decide before the second semester begins, but if not I want to have decided by the time I have to schedule for classes next year.

My favorite break will likely be winter break. Mostly because mine will be three weeks long. I will also get to go to Snowshoe and Snowboard over break which is very exciting. I also look forward to it because our family often times comes down and visits. There is also a possibility that I will go to Canada over New Years to go snowboarding.


    How to Make Pizza

  1. Mix your dough for the breading
  2. Flatten your dough out onto a pan, whatever shape you'd like
  3. Put some tomato sauce onto the dough
  4. Sprinkle some cheese on top
  5. Add any other toppings you'd like
English A-
Calculus A+
Golf S