About Matthew Harrill

My name is Matthew Harrill, and I am a freshman at NC State University.
I will be majoring in electrical engineering with a possible double major in computer engineering.
I picked this major because my father and grandfather have always worked with electricity, and I have an interest for it.

A job that I think would be interested in having one day is an electrical engineer for either an engineering firm, or Duke Energy
I have always liked electricity which is why I worked for my dad this summer.
He is an electrical contractor, and I got to learn about the type of equipment he uses throughout his job.

Classes I am Interested In:

  1. Senior Design
  2. Electric Circuits
  3. Logic Design
  4. Microprocessors
Name of Club Website Link
League of Legends Collegiate Club at NCSU https://getinvolved.ncsu.edu/organization/LoLPack
Eta Kappa Nu http://hknbetaeta.org/