Welcome! Resumé by Megan Lambeth

Professional Picture of Myself

College Education

I am majoring in Secondary Mathematics Education and minoring in Horticultural Sciences at North Carolina State University. Being a transfer student from Lexington, North Carolina, I am having to study at NCSU an extra year than expected. Therefore my intended graduation date is the Spring of 2019.

Why High School Math and Horticulture?

I chose my intended major because my goal in the furture is to show every student I come in contact with, that no matter their story if they put their mind to it they can learn the math at hand. I also want to show them that math is fun and can be taught in numerous ways. Making sure that I treat every student's individual needs is important to me as well and I hope that I can encourage one of my students to also become a math teacher in the future. I plan on getting a job in a High School close to my home county of Davidson, NC, but I am not sure what my final plans are at this time. I chose the minor I did because of my passion for gardening and my business that I have during the summer of planting, raising and marketing produce.

Skills and Qualities

Relevant Coursework

Class Course Title Semester
EMS 480 Teaching Mathematics with Technology Fall 2017
ED 311 Classroom Assessment Fall 2017
EMS 472 Teaching Math Topics in High School Spring 2018