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My name is Michael "Dean" Leonard. I am a standing sophomore at NCSU. My intended major is Aerospace Engineering, which I will hopefully get into. I chose this major because I have always been interested in airplanes and I also like math and science. I plan on getting atleast a Master's Degree in Aerospace.

My favorite break from school was summer break between 11th and 12th grade. I was accepted to Summer Ventures in Science and Mathematics at UNC-W for physics. It was a 4 week program where we learned about our subject for the first two weeks and then did a small research project on something within the subject. I did mine on lenses and compound lenses and there relationship to creating a virtual image. Also, I met many other students and we became very close during the short time of the program.

I'm a very impartial towards March Madness. This is because basketball is not one of my favorite sports. One reason why I don't like basketball is that some fouls seem to be called randomly. Another is that scoring happens very frequently unlike almost every other similar sport. Also if your team did not make it or lost their first game, there is no reason to follow it anymore.


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How to make the best sandwhich

  1. Get bread, deli, etc.
  2. Get in car
  3. Go to Jimmy John's
  4. Order a delicious sandwhich
  5. Enjoy

My Classes for Spring 2013

Class Expected Grade
Soc 202 A
Pe 216 S
Phi 210 A
Py 205 A+
Ma 241 A+
E 115 S

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