Hello! My name is McKenna Marquart. I am a second semester freshman. I'm hoping to study Civil Engineering. Civil engineering is a very broad field which is good for someone who isn't sure what branch of engineering they wish to study or what they want to do with an engineering degree. A possible employment option that I am considering is teaching.

I love to sail. Any size boat is fine by me as long as it's powered by the wind. I race small boats here with SailPack which allows me to travel up and down the coast. Larger boats have their own special beauty and magic. I would really love to take a year off and travel the world one ocean at a time.

I shall not flag nor fail.

My Resume

  1. Obtain peanut butter, grape jelly, white bread, a plate, and a knife.
  2. Open bread bag, peanut butter jar, and jelly jar.
  3. Place two slices of bread onto the plate.
  4. Use the knife to spread copious amounts of the grape jelly onto one side of one slice.
  5. Use the knife again to spread similar amounts of the peanut butter onto one side of the other slice.
  6. Flip one slice of coated bread onto the other such that the jelly and the peanut butter are in between the two slices of bread.
  7. Close the two jars and bag of bread and return them to where they were found originally.
  8. Devour the sandwich you have just created. (Best enjoyed with a glass of milk.)

Course Number Expected Grade
GC120 A
PY208 B+
PY209 A+
E115 S