This is me!

I am Michael McKnight, and I am currently a freshman in the Class of 2012 at North Carolina State University. Here at NCSU, I intend to major in Biomedical Engineering, and minor in Business and Spanish. I chose to study biomedical engineering because it will allow me to combine my love of science and engineering with my passion for helping people directly. Through this field I can work to identify where the needs are most and then work to design products that solve this. I hope to be able to do this on the international level as well.

North Carolina State Universities halloween festivities have always been rivalled by those at UNC-Chapel Hill's Franklin Street. Since I have never participated in either of these activities it is difficult for me to judge them. However, I have heard that "Hillsborough Hike" here at NCSU could be improved if it were more geared towards 18-21 year olds. According to people I know, it is not so much fun on Hillsborough if you are under 21. This is probably for obvious reasons.

  1. North Carolina State University
  2. Clemson University
  3. Virginia Tech
  4. Florida State University
  5. Oklahoma State University

  6. CourseExpected Grade
    CH 101A+
    CH 102A+
    E 101A+
    E 115S
    ENG 101A+
    FLS 102A+
    HON 202B+

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