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My name is Michaela Settle and I'm a freshman at NCSU. Right now my major is mechanical engineering but that might change to construction engineering and management with a concentration in mechanical construction, or civil engineering. I've always loved using math and science to solve problems so engineering seemed to be a good idea. When I was in high school I started a robotics team and got some hands on experience. I worked with the mechanical systems of the robot, like building an arm to lift and hang different shaped intertubes, and really enjoyed it. That's why I chose to be mechanical engineering intended. I also have an interest in designing and building amusement park rides which is why I'm considering construction engineering and management or civil engineering.

My favorite break from school was spring break my sophomore year of high school. All week I helped Hawktimus Prime (my high school robotics team) prepare for our first regional competition. I was the only member who had been to one before and knew what to expect. Thursday of spring break was the first day of the competition. We arrived at dorton arena bright and early and uncrated our robot. We fixed everything that had broken in shipping and began to play matches of breakaway (modified robot soccer). at the end of day 1 we were placed 17 out of 50 teams. Friday was day two of the competition after lunch a team kicked a ball up into our robot and brok every thing. It was really sad, but fixing the robot is always a fun challenge. On Saturday we played more matches, but lost because we were unable to fix the robot completely, and had judges interviews. We didn't win any awards and placed 44th but it was still a really fun spring break! Also Dean Kamen was there on Saturday and I got to meet him!

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Class Expected Grade
E 115 s
CH 101 B
ENG 101 B+
PE 226 S
Dean Kamen! (circled in red)