This site is made by Matthew Singer for a E115 assignement.

My Name is Matthew Davis Singer, I am a 18 year old freshman at North Carolina State University who intends to earn a major in Mechanical Engineering. I chose Mechanial Engineering because I believe that would be the best all around major. Mechanical Engineering also provides a good opportunity to enter a career in robotics and the many similar fields. If I am unable to coda into Mechanical Engineering in this upcoming spring then I plan to try to CODA into Computer Science or Computer Engineering. I hope to graduate in the Class of 2019 with a BS or in 2020 with a Masters.

Throughout my life I have had many hobbies; playing video games, soccer, woodworking, and last but not least Piano. I have been playing the Piano ever since I was little, my mother convinced me to start playing it when I was three years old. Although I originally did not enjoy playing it I eventiallly learned to appreciate the instrument over time. Now after years of playing the piano I can truly say that it brings joy and happines to my life. Although in the future I may not be able to play all the time I will allways try to maintain my skill.'s logo This is my Resume

    This is how you make a plain cheese pizza

  1. Go to Brooklyn Boys Pizza
  2. Order a large pizza dough
  3. Drive home and gather ingredients
  4. Nead out dough onto a pizza stone
  5. Spread sauce and cheese onto dough
  6. Bake pizza in the oven for 14 min at 325>
Class Expected Grade
Calculus 3 A
Chemistry A
E 115 S
Es 100 A
E 101 A
HESF 101 S
A cat tasting a piano with the caption 'Music Tastes so Good...'