Welcome to my World

Hello, my name is Matt Steen. I am a freshman in Exploratory studies. As of right now I'm trying
to decide between Computer Science or Civil Engineering. I have been interested in computers for most
of my life. The way they work, how people use computers in order to create really cool games and programs,
but I am most interested in Cyber Security. I think it's crazy that there is a whole cyber war going on
between a bunch of "friendly nations" and nobody really knows about it. How can that be? An entire war!
The only problem with computer science is that it requires you to sit behind a computer all day rather
than going out and doing something interactive.

My favorite hobby is soccer. I love everything about the sport: watching games, playing FIFA, keeping
up with the transfers and all the players, and most importantly playing. I grew up playing soccer, we would
play every weekend, traveling to places all over the country. It was amazing getting to go to places like
Arizona, Florida, Maryland, and all over the South East. It taught me how to work with people efficiently
and what teamwork really meant. I got to meet people from all over the country and I now have something to
talk about with anybody from all over the world because soccer is a universal sport and it brings the world
together for things like the World Cup and the Continental tournaments.
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Favorite Paper

How to Order Pizza

  1. Grab Computer and open it
  2. Open up Pappa Johns Website
  3. Click Place Order
  4. Select type of pizza and add toppings
  5. Delete order if it isn't pepperoni and Bacon
  6. Click pay and then fill out payment method to pay online
  7. Close computer and wait for delivery person to come
  8. 8. Go meet delivery person and grab pizza
  9. 9. Tip pizza delivery person and take pizza inside to eat.

Class Expected Grade
MA-241 A
CH-101 A
E-115 S