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Mark D. Walker     

North Carolina State University

Poole College of Management

Professor of Finance

4128 Nelson Hall



NC State Finance Area

I joined the faculty of NC State in 2001 after receiving my Ph.D. in finance from Purdue University. My current research focuses on corporate governance and corporate financial policies.  I teach international finance in our undergraduate and MBA programs.


My Research


Working Papers:

"Equity Issues When in Distress"
with Qingqing Wu

"Seasoned Equity Offerings and Payout Policy"
with Keven Yost

"Why are Individual Directors Selected?"
with David J. Denis and Diane K. Denis




"Credibility and Multiple SEOs: What Happens When Firms Return to the Capital Markets?"
with Keven Yost and Jing Zhao
Financial Management, 2016, 45, 675-703.

"CEO Assessment and the Structure of Newly Formed Boards

with David J. Denis and Diane K. Denis
Review of Financial Studies, 2015, 28, 3338-3366.

"The Effect of Tougher Enforcement on Foreign Firms: Evidence from the Adelphia Perp Walk"

with Charles R. Knoeber
Journal of Corporate Finance, 2013, 23, 382-394.

"On Political Connectedness and the Arrest of Ivan Boesky"

with Charles R. Knoeber

Public Choice, 2013, 157, 41-50.

"Seasoned Equity Offerings: What Firms Say, Do, and How the Market Reacts"
with Keven Yost

Journal of Corporate Finance, 2008, 14, 376-386.

"Corporate Governance and the Spinoff Decision"
with Seoungpil Ahn
Journal of Corporate Finance, 2007, 13, 76-93.

"What Drives the S&P 500 Inclusion Effect? An Analytical Survey"
with William B. Elliott, Bonnie F. Van Ness, and Richard S. Warr
Financial Management, 2006, 35 (4), 31-48.

"LEAPS Introductions and the Value of the Underlying Stocks"
with Leonard L. Lundstrum
Journal of Financial Intermediation, 2006, 15, 494-510.

"Industrial Groups and Investment Efficiency"
Journal of Business, 2005, 78, 1973-2002.

"Analyzing Stock Market Volatility Using Extreme Day Measures"
with Charles P. Jones and Jack W. Wilson
Journal of Financial Research, 2004, 27, 585-601.

"Pension Surpluses, Corporate Earnings, and Expected Return Assumptions"
with Charles P. Jones
Journal of Investing, 2003, 12, 25-32.
- abstracted in CFA Digest, 2004, 34, 52-54.