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Hi, my name is Max Winters, sophmore at NCSU and currently in the process of switching my major from CEU to Civil Engineering. Eight years ago I was enrolled at NCSU as a history major, but I left school after my first year to pursue a career in residential construction (due primarily to a total lack of interest in anything having to do with history). After five years of full time work in the field, I developed a strong interest in building and relized that the best way to become successful and still do what I love was to further my education. I knew that engineering was the appropriate rout to take, but I did not do well in any math or science courses in highschool (or in any other level of education for that matter). Therefore, I was nervous about reigniting my education and jumping into to major filled with requirements that I may not have been able to meet. Fortunately (and surprisingly), I performed extremely well in all the required math classes as well as physics, chemistry and other courses in which I had previously struggled. Now all thats left is making the switch to Civil and seeing what other challenges I can take on.

My favorite break from school was durring the summer of 2010, right after I finished school at Durham Tech and right before being readmitted into NCSU. Me and an old freind found a great deal on plane tickiets and lodging and decided to take time off from work and go to Germany and England for ten days. I had never been on a commercial plane, on a train, in a cab, in Europe or on any vacation that lasted longer than five days and that was farther away than Florida. We saw all the sights in London, Dusseldorf and Berlin. This was by far the best vacation I'd ever been on and I can't wait to some day be able to take the trip again.

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