Megan Broders

My name is Megan Broders. I am a first year student at North Carolina State University. I am majoring in polymer and color chemistry and textile engineering. I am studying polymers and polymer engineering because when I graduate from college I want to work in research and development creating new polymers that will be cost effective, environmentally friendly, and useful for many purposes.

My favorite break from school is summer break. I like summer break the best because it is the longest break. Because summer break is very long there are many things you can do during the summer. This summer I am attending summer school from the end of May through June. Then, for the rest of the summer, I am going to study abroad in London, England.

Although I do support the basketball team here at NC State I am fairly impartial when it comes to March Madness. I am not that into sports or basketball in general, so I don't really like or dislike March Madness. It is nice because it gives many students something entertaining to watch. It is also nice because it gives students a fun way to compete with eachother, by making brackets.


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How to make the best sandwich ever:

  1. Find fancy bread, such as Italian bread, sourdough, or pretzel bread.
  2. Toast the fancy bread.
  3. Find nice deli meat, such as Boar’s Head.
  4. Get Boar’s Head turkey.
  5. Put nice turkey on fancy bread.
  6. Put mayo on bread.
  7. Find fancy cheese, such as expensive Swiss or Provolone.
  8. Put cheese on sandwich.
  9. Find vegetables you want on your sandwich.
  10. Put tomato on sandwich.
  11. Put lettuce on sandwich.
  12. Enjoy the delicious sandwich.

Megan's Classes Spring 2013:

Class Expected Grade
E115 S
PCC106 A
ENG101 A
HON296 B
MA341 A
CH221 A