Welcome to Mackenzie's Page!

Hello, my name is Mackenzie Brown. I am a freshman in Engineering with an intent in Chemical Engineering. I chose this major because I love chemistry, and math and science in general. My sister is at State for Environmental Engineering, so she told me a lot of what engineering is. It sounded like something that I would love to do and that led me here.

My favorite break from school was my summer break after graduating from high school. My friends and I all went down to North Myrtle Beach to stay at my condo for Senior Week. We had a great time going on the beach and had an intense volleyball tournament that my partner and I won. We also went to Myrtle Beach where a lot more stuff was happening. The day before we left, I got to eat at IHOP for the first time, and, yes, it was amazing!

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  1. Call Papa John's
  2. Tell them what pizza you want
  3. Drive to Papa John's and pick up your pizza
  4. Drive back home and enjoy your delicious pizza!
Course Name Expected Grade
CH101 A
CH102 A+
MA141 A
E101 A+
E115 S
ENG101 B
view of the beach