Homework 5a

Welcome to my Homework for Week 9!

My name is Matthew Dausch and I am a freshman at NC State in the College of Engineering. The major that I
am interested in is biomedical engineering. I am interested in this for a couple of reasons. One I have
always been fascinated by the human body and its physiology particularly the brain and that is essentially
what I plan on doing with a degree in biomedical engineering; which is to do something in the field of
neurosurgery, whether that be on the side of making devices for surgery or as an actual surgeon. Doing
biomedical engineering allows me to follow either path that I would wish to follow in the future.

My favorite hobby is baseball. I have played baseball since I was little and am continuing to play it at
the club level in college. I have always enjoyed baseball because it is, like any other sport, unique in
its nuances. I love watching and studying the game and the feel of playing it. My favorite position to
play is outfield as it allows me to run around the most and I love to track down balls that seem to be a
hit and take them away.

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Philly Cheesesteak

  1. Drive to Philidelphia
  2. Go to Pat's in downtown Philly
  3. Get in line
  4. Answer "with or without"
  5. Wait for cheesesteak to be made
  6. Enjoy an authentic Philly cheesesteak!
Adam Jones

Class Grade
Calculus A
Chemistry A-
English A