My name is Matt Dieffenbach. I am a freshman engineer. I am an intended aerospace engineering major. I chose an engineering major because it made me more competitive for an AFROTC scholarship. I also chose an engineering major because physics and math are two of my favorite subjects. I chose an aerospace engineering major because I want to be a pilot in the Air Force and I thought what I learn in my classes could help me in pilot training.

My favorite hobby is flying. I have been flying small single engine airplanes since I was 16. I first soloed at 16 and earned my private pilot licence at 17. My favorite part of flying is the view. I can watch a sun set multiple times in the same day by gaining altitude.

  1. grab two slices of white bread
  2. place two fried chicken strips on bread
  3. add bacon
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Class Grade
CH101 B-
E115 S
E101 A-
AS121 A
MA141 B+
ANT252 A
CH102 A
Diamond Aircraft