Welcome to the Exclusive Inside Look of Missy.

My name is Missy Furman. I am a freshman. My major is Industrial Engineering. I chose to major in Industrial Engineering because I want to learn more about the applications of statistics. I am looking forward to applying my knowledge in mathematics to optimize different real-world situations. Being able to make processes more efficient will be beneficial for numerous companies.

My favorite hobby is to play soccer. I have played soccer since I was only five years old. Playing on the recreation level, travel level, and high school level, I have come to love being part of a team and working with others to achieve a common goal. I enjoyed playing at the high school varsity level the best because of the intense competition. I played right midfield. I love to practice in my free time to improve my technique.

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    How to Make an Ice Cream Sandwich

  1. Take out two chocolate chip cookies and vanilla ice cream.
  2. Put two scoops of ice cream onto the inside faces of one cookie.
  3. Place the other cookie on top of the ice cream, making a sandwich.
  4. Place chocolate chips on the uncovered sides of the vanilla ice cream.
  5. Enjoy!

Class Grade Expected
MA141 A
CH101 A-
CH102 A+
ENG101 A
E115 S
E101 A

Soccer Ball