Welcome to my webpage!

My name is Mark Gilbert and I am a freshman in engineering. I chose engineering because math and science were always my favorite subjects in school. As of now I don't know which engineering I want to do. Originally I thought chemical but now I'm considering biomedical or environmental. Hopefully I will make a final decision by the end of this coming spring semester.

My favorite hobby would definitely be motorcycle riding. In high school I use go to bike tracks and race. I also lived in the mountains of Western North Carolina and the parkway was the perfect place to ride. Unfortunately I did not bring my motorcycle to college so I really miss riding. I plan on bringing it next year though.

Lit Review
  1. Look up the phone number of the pizza place
  2. Figure out wich kind of pizza you want
  3. Call the pizza place and order pizza
  4. Tell them your address
  5. Wait for pizza to arrive
  6. When the doorbell rings answer it and take pizza

Class Grade
MA242 A
E115 S
ENG101 B
CH101 A-

Motorcycle Racing