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My name is Elizabeth Knowles. I'm a freshman in EFY with intent to major in environmental engineering and creative writing. I am interested in environmental engineering because I think that the way that we're treating the earth is awful and unsustainable, and I want to make a difference in how we treat it. I am interested in creative writing because I love writing. I hope to be able to integrate both of these majors to bring awareness to and change public apathy towards the state of the environment.

My favorite hobby is writing poetry, and planning out stories. I really enjoy writing poetry, and seeing how many different ways I can combine words to hint at an idea or message. I like how it is like piecing together a puzzle with words. As for the planning out stories, I really enjoy creating characters, putting them in situations, and seeing how they act. Part of that, for me, is coming up with fantastical settings so that the way they react isn't the same as in the real world.

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How to make my favorite type of sandwich, which is the best sandwich.

  1. Obtain the superior peanut butter, Peter Pan creamy, and a jam- not jelly- of your favorite fruit, which is cherry. Also obtain that wierd oval wheat bread. And a knife.
  2. Open the various containers, and unfold the two slices of wheat bread so that the parts that face each other in the loaf are open. Ready the knife.
  3. Spread a thick layer of peanut butter on the left slice.
  4. Spread a ridiculous-to-the-casual-observer quantity of cherry jam on the right slice.
  5. Close the sandwich so the ingredients are on the inside of the two bread slices, and cut vertically into halves.
  6. Ta-da! You have made the best sandwich possible.
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E115 S
CH101 B
MA241 B
ENG287 A