Mustafa Elgendy's Resume



I am currently a first-year engineering student at North Carolina State University. I intend to pursue a Bachelor's degree in Civil Engineering and am expected to graduate by May 2020.

Goals and Future

With the knowledge, experience, and skills I gain from my study, I plan to simply build and expand. To put that in more detailed terms, I would like to be responsible for some of the objects that are mostly responsible for giving a destination its identity, the buildings. Furthermore, I wou,d also like to be part of the generation that hopefully moves the cities of the world closer to the technology that would help humans achieve the futuristic visions of cities that are presented in movies and on television.


Related Coursework

Class Course Tittle Semester
TDE 220 Civil Engineering Graphics Fall 2017
CE 313 Mechanics of Solids Spring 2018
CE 382 Hydraulics Spring 2018