Welcome to my page!

Hello everyone, my name is Michelle Lishner and I am currently majoring in Biological Engineering at North Carolina State University. I am a freshman here at NCSU and am graduating in May 2018. I chose Biological Engineering for a couple different reasons; mainly because of my love for math and science. I have always been an inquisitive individual and have always been completely fascinated by how things work. Science has always been my absolute subject (math being a close second); more specifically biology. I am excited to pursue biological engineering because it marries my two loves - math and biology.

One of my favorite hobbies is traveling. Traveling is always something that was been a big part of my life. Lucky for me, both of my parents have a major case of wanderlust and desire to travel as much as I do. My most recent trip was my journey to Germany which actually happened to be last week over spring break! It was amazing, Berlin and Munich are both beautiful cities with very deep culture. Traveling has opened my eyes to different sights, foods, cultures, and has molded me as a person. I wish to be able to travel with my future children as often as I travel with my parents.

BuzzFeed Resume!
  1. Acquire bread
  2. Locate provolone cheese
  3. Obtain turkey slices
  4. Gingerly place cheese and turkey on bread
  5. Eat
Class Grade
CH101 B
PY206 A+
PY205 B