Hello! My name is Mohamed Elyaman. I am a Aerospace engineering transfer student here at NC state and this is my first semester here! I'm majoring in Aerospace engineering because I was always fascinated by planes as a child. Ironically I have a fear of flying, so hopefully by becoming an aerospace engineer I can help make airplanes safer, helping people like myself who aren't comfortable on planes.

I only ever had one job in the past. I worked as an ATM trainee for an ATM maintenance company. I recieved on the job training on how to clean, diagnose and fix an ATM. I also learned a bit about how ATMs work together and with the bank to provide customers with a fast and easy experience.

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Interesting Classes at NC State University

  1. Calculus 3
  2. Controls
  3. General Physics 2
  4. General Chemistry
Orginizations I want to Join Link
Aerial Robotics Club Click here!
American Helicoptter SocietyClick here!