Welcome to my page, it is all about me, Maddy Moncla!

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What will I major in?

My name is Maddy Moncla, and intend to major in civil engineering here at North Carolina State University. Right now, however, I am in the college of Exporatory Studies. I plan to C.O.D.A. into engineering at the end of this semester. If all goes well, I expect to graduate in the spring of the year 2020. That date will be a little bit later if I decide to do a Co-Op.

Why did I choose this major?

For the record, I am still not exactly sure what I want my major to be, but I think I am close to finding what I want to do. I chose civil engineering because it deals with large scale projects that benefit communities. After talking to many current civil engineers in the field, they all agree that out of all of the engineering majors, theirs is the most outdoor-friendly and there are plenty of ways to work on hands-on projects . Also, civil engineering has a very diverse set of concentrations and you can find a job practically anywhere in the country! I intend to concentrate on structures or even the geologic side of engineering. I plan on entering the job field as soon as possible with this degree and working my way up to a great position. It's a loose plan, so I have plenty of room to improvise as I go!

Special skills pertinent to my degree field

Relevant Courses
Class Course Title Semester
CSC 111 Python Fall 2017
PY 208 Physics 2 Fall 2017
MA 242 Calculus 3 Fall 2017