Welcome to My Homework 6 WebPage!

My name is Madison Moore, Maddie for short; I am a freshman and I am intending to major in Biomedical Engineering. Growing up as a kid, I watched my grandfather's health decline further and further and I was fascinated by the efforts and methods doctors utilized to aid his health. My grandpa currently has a pace maker, a pig's valve in his heart, and two metal hips. I chose Biomedical Engineering because I want to help people in need -- people like my Papa. I want to help them age gracefully and to live their lives to the fullest despite of any health related issues.

My favorite hobby is volunteering at the SPCA of Wake county. I volunteer at least twice a week, typically on Tuesday mornings and friday mornings, and the shifts are about two hours long. While I love all animals, I really love to work with dogs. I usually spend one of my shifts cleaning up after and socializing puppies and my other shift I feed, clean up after, and exercise adult dogs (and sometimes puppies 4 months and older). Volunteering with the dogs helps me to relax and forget about the stress of college for just a little while.

These puppies will take you to the SPCA website. Click here to view my resume.
  1. Roll a fresh pizza dough ball out into a rough circle.
  2. Mix together a half cup of pizza sauce and a half cup - a full cup of buffalo sauce. Spread this over the dough.
  3. Sprinkle mozzarella cheese over the sauce until it is mostly covered.
  4. Cube fresh chicken breast and pan roast it in olive oil and crushed red pepper until fully cooked. Coat the chicken in buffalo sauce and then add it to your pizza.
  5. Thinly chop fresh celery and then add it to your pizza to add crunch.
  6. Bake at 350 until done.
Class Expected Grade
Organic Chemistry 1 A
Enlgish 101 A
Differential Equations B
E115 S
Intro to Shakespeare A
Me and Lobo