Welcome to My Life

Hello there! My name is Morgan, and I am a freshmen in the First Year Engineering program. At the end of this semester, I will be able to do a change of degree audit into a specific College of Engineering. I came into college hoping to do Environmental Engineering, but then I realized that is too specific for me. I currently am intending on doing Chemical Engineering with a sustainability concentration, but I'm not enjoying the chemistry class I am currently in. Deciding on this major has been quite a struggle, but my ultimate goal is to work with sustainability through engineering. I'm just now sure how I will do that yet.

My favorite hobby is most definitely exercising and anything health related. I go to the gym almost every day, and I attend some workout classes during the week. I ran track and cross country during high school, and I still run often now. I ran in the Krispy Kreme Challenge the other week, but I was only able to eat 4 donuts. My goal is to complete the whole challenge by senior year, and I also want to some day run a half marathon. I am in a run conditioning class right now, which has been nice because it is a class that I have to workout in, and I can't make excuses not to go to the gym that day.

My Resume
How to Make the Best Ham and Cheese Sandwich
  1. Gather two slices of whole grain bread, two slices of thick honey roasted ham, and one thin slice of cheese
  2. Cook ham in a skillet on medium heat until it has sizzled for about a minute
  3. Toast the bread in the toaster to your preferred level of heated bread
  4. Combine the ingredients and contemplate on whether or not to make another
  5. My Classes this Semester
    Course Expected Grade
    Calculus III A+
    Physics A
    E115 S
    Chemistry B+
    Running Fail