Welcome to my About Me Page!

My name is Matthew Ogles. I am a freshman at NC State, I am a first year engineering student with an intent in biomedical engineering. I chose this major because I enjoy biology and have a mechanical aptitude. I feel that this major combines my interests and my natural strengths. Another reason I chose this major is that I feel I could help people. By having this undergraduate major I could either continue to medical school or pursue a higher education to participate in research on prosthetics.

I used work part time as a math tutor for my local community college. As a tutor I worked with students on topics ranging from elementary mathmatics to calculus II and statistics. I worked there for a full school year and a summer before leaving to attend NC State. I took an online class and had in person meetings to help train me to be an effective tutor.

a picture of me

Classes I would like to take at NCSU

  1. CH 101
  2. PY 205
  3. E 101
  4. CSC 113

Club Name Website
Rowing http://rowingclubncsu.com/
Hall Council https://orgs.ncsu.edu/irc/