Welcome to Matt Seel's Mountaineer Website

My name is Matthew Seel and I am a freshman in First Year Engineering with an intent in Mechanical Engineering. I choose engineering because I want to do research
that will solve problems. I want to do mechanical engineering because it is the most broad engineering program. I want to be able to work on developing clean coal technology
in order to save the coal industry. I have family and friends in West Virginia that have been laid off due to difficult restrictions placed by the EPA on Coal Companies.
By developing affordable clean coal we can make coal better for the environment and enery cheaper for the United States.

My favorite hobby would be playing the guitar. I started playing the guitar in fifth grade and bought my first acoustic in the sixth grade. I practiced learning music and
learning my scales everyday until I was good enough to join the praise band in my youth group. Playing the guitar is a way to round out my school heavy life and to relieve stress.
Once I bought my electric guitar mastering equipment soon became a new aspect to my humble career as a guitarist. Eventually I came to own the amp and all the effect pedals I needed,
and it made playing the guitar new and more exciting. Still to this day, any time I feel stressed I take out my guitar and play a little riff.


This is my next favorite website

The Greatest Sandwich of all time

  1. select two perfect slices of white bread
  2. put mayo on one piece of bread and mustard on the other
  3. add fresh ham and turkey
  4. pick a tomato from the garden
  5. add two slices of tomato
  6. put the two slices of bread together
  7. enjoy

Class Grade
Calculus 1 A+
Engineering 101 A
Chemistry 101 B-

Epiphone Les Paul